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Assassin's Creed takes place in September 2012 and the modern templers are try to take over with the Piece of Eden and it is up to assassins to stop them

    Concealed Blade


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    Concealed Blade

    Post by Rori on Sat Apr 11, 2009 6:32 am

    name: Concealed Blade (Like the one from the game but much more like an actual dagger)
    accuracy:it ish a very close ranged weapon
    quietness 7 (from the sound that it makes when coming out)
    ammo:Well if it got snapped off then thats all
    Zero Sukio
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    Assassin leader/webmaster

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    Re: Concealed Blade

    Post by Zero Sukio on Sat Apr 11, 2009 6:33 am



    my sniper pistol
    [b]me and kontan i will protect u with my life my love

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